Photography by Odette Herbert

What’s what from bottom centre to the top of the stadium
[In case you’re interested!]

Pitch access tunnel
Players tunnel
Basement level (street level)
Players Changing rooms + safes/ shower room for 10/ massage & injury rooms/ practise room [5m x 10m] with netted ceiling & police station & jail/prison

Press/media area
The legacy
1st level – above the players tunnel – Black worktops and swivel seats – for use after the world cup!
Through the central double door & sharp left takes you into the enormous press room, kitted out with floor plugs every 1.5m

The exterior stairs go up to the podium level [the stadium rests on it [the podium] but actually goes down 2 flights to the pitch internally]

2nd level
– Podium level
– The stadium inner sanctum, entry points, for the ‘ordinary’ people. 🙂
It’s a huge continuous walk way under the second tier seats, with food and drink [during a match] & access to upper and lower level seating

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This is what it looks like just as you enter into the stadium – from the dark into the brilliant light – the underside of the seats above & the view across to the press area, where a group of Italian media people are being shown around

3rd floor level
– Veranda & plush seats

The World Cup Media Platform
The block of black seats are uncovered, for the pleasure of the media, at the breakfast press conference given by Fifa. The others on either side are covered in plastic – ± 1,600

Have just been told that this area is the media area for the duration of the world cup. Seems obvious now that I’ve been told! The lower press area, is obviously too small to accommodate all the worlds journalists for the matches.

Fifa move in to set up in May.

Lay the communication cables and take over – literally. They have their own security, called marshals 1,500 of them.

Fifa has the stadium until the end of October – as it will take them that long to put it back to the state they found it in!

Cricky! What are they going to be doing to it?

4th level
Rooms that go all the way around the stadium with 2? rows of super comfy seats – the penthouse level?

5th level
The temporary seating for the duration of the world cup – to meet Fifa requirements

The opposite side of the stadium is completed but this side the workers are busy fitting them.

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There are photos else where on this site that show various stages of the temporary seating – just go to home (Left top of page ) then scroll down to see all posts, till you come across them or, do a search – in the search window, on the left hand side at the bottom of the page

Type in ‘temporary seating’ & all posts with that tag will show up [or ought too!]

If you want precise details of the tier names & floors etc., you can phone the visitors centre!
Or go there for a visit!
+ 27 (0)21 430 7346

LINK to details of open days for tours and cost etc