There is no stadium seat number replica plan or diagram that shows the actual seat number in relation to the stairs – you might have picked a seat that was near a staircase but guess what? The stadium agents, didn’t seam to think this is something many of us would like to know when choosing where to sit! What is shown as a stairway is bogus! Eissh…! The colour code areas and the seat numbers are accurate
It was pointed out to me that the seats have been audited – none have been stolen so far!
It’s really puzzling why the CTN Stadium management, SailstadFRANCE – do not have a Website/blog with a seating plan or any other info on the CTN Stadium – zoot allors!

Click on the seat colour block diagram to see it very large
[I hope I got the mountain in the correct place – just follow the colour on your ticket eventually you will get there as the building is roundish! Signage is excellent – nice & large]

The colour coded blocks and numbers are the area where your seat will be found
Follow the lollipop colour codes to get to your seat area entrance
Lucky so and so that you have a ticket! [You must be a rocket scientist to have been able to follow the convoluted protocol to get a ticket!]
Computicket’s seating numbers are not a replica of the stadium layout!
THINGS YOU CAN NOT TAKE INTO THE STADIUM – displayed at stadium entrance

NB – Please take earplugs! The vuvus are deafening – cotton wool will do to dampen the eardrum being battered literally to death.
AND if yr not a local going to the match – take something warm to put on, in case the wind changes direction and it becomes arctic.

Neil Diamond & U2 360 Tours – South Africa
Stage & Seating Layout Plans

If you click on image it opens up larger

LINK – U2 website
LINK – Computicket Home Page

Diagrams with text – Courtesy Computicket





Press area (above) showing north side of stadium -Table Mnt @1 o’clock
The podium at the top of the west entrance stairs (middle photo)
West entrance stairs from the podium – the sea is 300m ahead (far right photo)

Pedestrian routes to the Cape Town Stadium

Click on image to see it larger
Photography by Odette Herbert

Next World Cup match dates at the Cape Town Stadium
24 June 20:30 – Cameroon v Netherlands – THURSDAY
29 June 20:30 – Winner v Runner Up – TUESDAY
3 July 16:00 – Quarter Final – SATURDAY
6 July 20:40 – Semi final – TUESDAY

LINK – twitter – City of Cape Town on twitter!! yeaaayah they do listen! CCTFIFAWorldCup

LINK – facebook – City of Cape Town’s official World Cup 2010 fan site

LINK – City of Cape Town’s World Cup 2010 website – EXCELLENT site. [They own the stadium.]
All you need to know can be found here. Weather, transport, security news, videos etc etc

LINKTRANSLATION google page – vertaling – tłumaczenie – çeviri – cyfieithu – traduzione – traducción – oversættelse – 翻译 – ترجمة – vertaling – Tafsiri – traduction – μετάφραση – Übersetzung – Übersetzung

M A K A R A P A S ! ?

Photography by Odette Herbert
If you click on an image it opens up larger

LINKLINKS List – Cape Town 2010 Word Cup Sadium Info – Transport maps, Fan Fest & things

Bafana Bafana = ‘the boys’ in Zulu, shortened plural of umfaan (boy), abafana (boys)…
The Girls team is called Banyana Banyana
Ayoba = JHB township slang for ‘cool’, ‘fab’, ‘well done’, etc…” – Translation thanks to:
Cape Town’s official World Cup 2010 fan site on facebook

“Bafana bafana definition : badness baseness, corruption, delinquency, evil” Cricky!
Synonym Bafana bafana – Collins English Dictionary & Thesaurus