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LINK – Seating plan – how to get to your seat – e zee!

LINKWhat you can NOT take into the Cape Town 2010 Stadium

LINKCape Town Transport Information during W/Cup – How to get to the stadium – Where to park etc – The Set up during The World cup. Excellent maps

Transport Information Centre’s toll-free number

0800 65 64 63

LINKPublic Viewing Areas – Cape Town during the World Cup in Cape Town

LINK FAN FESTIVAL – During The World Cup in Cape Town – What’s it all about?

“The Fan Fest will be open every day of the World Cup in Cape Town, from 10:00 to midnight, with live broadcasts of all 64 [football] matches. Entrance is free [MAHALA!]

The Grand Parade, newly upgraded by the City of Cape Town at a cost of around R22 million, can host up to 25 000 people. It is Cape Town’s….oldest public space and one of Cape Town’s most important heritage sites – where Nelson Mandela first spoke to the world as a free man 20 years ago.”

LINKCape Town Stadium Z/card – Cross section drawing, info, size etc (PDF file)

LINKCape Town City Council – Stadium owners/gatekeepers – excellent site

LINKWikipedia – Cape Town Stadium

LINKWikipedia – Vuvuzela – horn (aka 13th player)

LINKWikipedia – Makarapa – hard hat wonders

LINKWikipedia – Andrew Jennings investigative journalist – F I F A a bed of roses?

LINKWikipedia – Transparency in Sport – F I F A – behind the scenes

LINK twitter – F I F A World Cup 2010

LINKCape Town stadium fixtures for 2010

LINKDurban stadium – gorgeous photos

LINK SA S o c c e r 2010 – lots of news and photos

LINK – 2010 F I F A Soccer World Cup – Miriam Mannak’s lots of info blog

LINK – Stadium DAILY Photos – From Joanne, her splendid images 221K hits since May’09

LINK – SoccerBlogs – Daily feed of football news. Aggregating the best soccer blogs

LINK – ESPNsoccernet – ESPN 2010 World Cup News

LINKList of stadiums by capacity (Wikipedia)

LINKWorld maximum seater – 150 thousand!

LINKLondon Olympic Stadium – Made Out of Recycled Guns & Knives – INHABITAT site which is “devoted to the future of design, tracking the innovations in technology, practices and materials that are pushing architecture and home design towards a smarter and more sustainable future” Great site

LINK Facebook – THE Greenpoint Stadium/ 2010 Awareness

LINK Murry & Roberts – construction company


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