Photography by Odette Herbert
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I could tell my brain struggled to take in what it was seeing – Something that is larger than the Cape Town Stadium, floating in the harbour & that turned round & sailed off into the late dusk – a spiritual experience! Jaw dropping, eyebrow lifting stuff! Made the heart sing with delight but it was also awful to see it leave [6pm departure, Friday 26th March 2010]
I had no idea there was a leviathan in town & only saw it by chance.

The Queen Mary II (QMII), the 2nd largest ocean liner – it is truly big
(Thank goodness for the pier or I wouldn’t have been able to get the whole ship in frame!)
I found my self wondering if it would fit into the stadium?
I guessed it wouldn’t & I was correct

Here are the stats:

Height: 72.0 m (236.2 ft) keel to funnel
Length: 345 m (1,019.4ft)
Width: 40.8432m (134 feet) (45.0 m – extreme (bridge wings)

Width: 265m

Courtesy: Wikipedia – Click on diagram to go to excellent QMII page

“A new 92,000-ton liner, to be named ˜Queen Elizabeth”™ has been ordered and is scheduled to enter service in the autumn of 2010 [Nothern hemosphere]. We have signed an agreement with Italian shipbuilder Fincantieri for the contruction of the new 2092-passenger ocean liner, which will be built at their Monfalcone yard at an all-in cost of approximately $993 million.”

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