What really went on behind the scenes in building the Cape Town Stadium? Key people spill the beans – in The book


What were the issues that had to be dealt with to get the project from concept to paper to the finished building?

A book is about to be launched that tells the amazing story of the process of building the 2010 Cape Town Stadium.

Watch this space and the Media, twitter & facebook for the launch date & what the book is called.

Photography by Odette Herbert
If you click on the images they open up larger

Architect and Editor Bettina Andrag had the daunting task of pulling the whole thing together- no mean feet given the number of people involved putting together the amazing diagrams, drawings sketches and photographs. This book will be the quintessential document on all there is to know about the new iconic building that now appears on the Cape Town City sky line – Your going to have to buy a copy so that you can speak as an insider at dinner parties and the office kitchen [pause area]

Some of those in the book who spill the beans are:
Dr Henri Comrie, Thomas Moschner, Sigi Naidoo, Roman Hollenstein, Rober Hormes, Richard Smit, Richard Mathieson, Richard Goldschmidt, Ray Gamble, Ray Gamble, Purshoth Chetty, Prof. Fabio Todeschini, Prof. David dewar, Pieter Cronje, Piet Louw, Morne du Plessis, Mike Marsden, Martin Kruger, Mark Behrmann, Marion Sabol, Louis Karol, Leon F Krige, Khalied Jacobs, Ken Webster, Johan Van Papendorp, Jeremy Rose, Ian Sutherland, Henning Rasmuss, Henning Rasmuss, Hein Stander, Gerrit Bastiaanse, Gabs Pather, Dr Roman Hollenstein, Dr Laurine Plntzky, Dennis Foster, Darrtk Pryce-Lewis, Dan Plato, Colin Sindle, Christian Schlogl, Cathrine Slessor, Catherine Slessor, Carolyn Helefenstein, Brian Richardson, Brian Homann, Bev Mitchell, Andrew Fanton, Andre Lambrechts, Amalie Comrie, Allan Twine + the list of all the workers force’s names

LINKLINKS List – Cape Town 2010 Word Cup Sadium Info – Transport maps, Fan Fest & things


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  1. Nice one O – looks like an amazing job to be involved with…Your photographs are great – I’m sure you gave them a good time as always….Great blog,

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